Degetel created in 2008 its own team fully dedicated to R&D : Degetel Lab. It was then an innovative approach in its field of activity.

Composed of engineers passionate of innovation and specialized in digital transformation, the Degetel Lab team has one goal : anticipate customers’ needs by developing upstream innovative solutions, ready to be used by our customers.

Since 2008, Degetel Lab has participed in several R&D programs and collaborative projects in different fields of activity : telecom, media, transport, cloud computing, e-health, etc. It is associated with major players in innovation : Orange, Technicolor, Archos, Institut Mines-Télécom, TeamCast, Thomson Video Networks, RATP, etc.

Examples of completed projects


providing an end-to-end system comprising specialized servers, adequate applications and advanced terminals in order to provide innovative servives with unprecedented diversity and richness both for the consumer and the enterprise markets.


Meeting the dual requirements of Video Broadcasting Operators: to lower broadcast costs (CAPEX and OPEX), and improve the end user Quality of Experience.


Enabling seamless mobile access to services for users on the move across multiple wireless access technologies and domains while enhancing service availability, adaptation and personalization during changes of the user’s context and the networking environment.


Definition and development of audiovisual content distribution fortified system using IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).

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