Techno & IS Business Expert

Our various engineers and developers can deliver the application products you need to carry out your projects efficiently and in a sustainable way, through a broad range of sectors such as Banking, Energy or Telecoms.


In an increasingly competitive environment, information systems are becoming essential elements to any successful business. Mobility, process digitalization and new practices lead to the creation of the services that are essential to attract the customers of tomorrow.


The same strategic issues affecting you are the ones we master: the integration of new distribution channels, flow processing, modernization of solutions, convergence of systems, ability to process data and outsourcing strategy changes. From the identification and formulation of business-related issues to the development and completion of operations, we cover the whole range of activities matching your needs.


Our consultants provide their expertise by auditing the existing processes, collecting needs, drawing up requirements and functional specifications, coordinating and monitoring, organizing and conducting the final validation as well as managing change.
Thanks to their expertise in SOAJava J2EE or even .NET, they help auditing, designing and developing information systems and ensure the quality of your software before integrating it.


A pole specialized in Banking, Finance and Insurance

In a sector where information technology plays a major role, the key players of the Banking/Finance/Insurance market are seeing their economic model change. Their business drives them to support growth and innovation while optimizing costs and improving operational efficiency.

With a team of close to a 100 dedicated staff, boasting excellent references with the main actors of the sector, we benefit from the talent of experts in their respective fields. The BFI pole covers a range of activities in tune with our customers’ needs. The professionalism and rigor of our consultants enable our customers to carry out their projects in an efficient and sustainable way.


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