Create the design and ergonomics of the Sustainability Literacy Test website and develop it

At the image of the famous TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT or Tage-Mage, the Sustainability Literacy Test is a tool to assess and check the level of knowledge in sustainable development of university students on an international level.

Our intervention



  • Interface design
  • Ergonomics workshops
  • PHP Symfony development
  • Amazon WS hosting

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

Project outline


Kedge Business School Foundation


Key figures

+ of 50 000 users






Within the framework of a skill-based sponsorship with the Kedge foundation, set up by Kedge Business School, we collaborated closely to list which features were needed for the website of such a test, but also to work on the design, ergonomics and development of this website. The results of this test phase were presented during the Conference on Education and Sustainable Development, which took place during the UNESCO world conference in Nagoya (Japan) in November 2014.

The result

More than 50 000 people in 18 countries on all continents have already used the website to take the test and universities such as Auckland, Bentley, Exeter or even ESSEC Business School are partners. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the quality of the information provided in 7 different languages, the Sustainability Literacy Test website is user-friendly and keeps on attracting more students.

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