Designing a simpler and more efficient user experience for the mobile section of the website

The website, belonging to Orange brand, offers internet, mobile, landline and TV solutions. In 2011, Orange asked us to redesign the mobile section of their online store.

Our mission


Ergonomics + Design
  • Redesign the acquisition path of a mobile line
  • Customer path to add a new line
  • Customer path to change their mobile phone
  • Detailed development of the pages of the section
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

Project outline





Designer Degetel
Designer Orange



6 months


The website was first audited in order to define the elements to work on for the redesign process. This audit highlighted an overload of visual elements and links, as well as scattered information on the screens. The site needed to be clearer and easier to understand.


The result

A complete redesign of the Orange online store, with the following projects and business objectives:

  • A simple and unified store, consistent with e-commerce basics
  • Optimization of traffic generation and improvement of QS fundamentals
  • Address customers in a personalized way
  • Cease up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • An easily manageable store for moderators (Settings, BO ergonomics)
  • Development of new practices: on mobile and nomadic terminals, social web integration, social shopping, switch to a paperless contract system, cross-channel practice.
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