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Degetel & digital

Degetel and digital have much more than consonants in common: they share the same DNA.

In over 15 years of service, we remained at our customer’s side through all of their digital transformations.

We are able to add value through our innovative R & D and our multi-disciplinary experience. We anticipate the evolutions of technologies, practices and trends to benefit our customers.

Through our cross-functional SMAC approach (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), we can provide multi-channel solutions , ranging from digital transformation consulting through the implementation of cloud solutions to big data, social media or connected objects issues.

We have mastered the whole value chain and are able to manage our customers’ issues from A to Z: strategy, IT development, design and ergonomics.

The original background of a digital pure player

When we started in Paris in 1999, we were a small web agency, focusing on the development of high tech products. Thanks to organic growth, we have established ourselves as an international company, totaling more than 400 people in 9 offices and in 3 countries.

Our co-founders have continued to foster this growth: Denis Klenklé-Lallemand, Patrick Sayagh and Georges Klenklé, joined by Souchiam Sechao. With the company’s capital held entirely by the management, and sustained profits since our inception, we have managed to preserve our independence, and focus on our customers.

Our values

The pursuit of excellence
We strive to give our best, growing while helping our customers grow.

Team spirit
We aim to share our know-how, work as a team, and build win-win relationships, with our partners and among ourselves.

A friendly environment
We promote the pleasure of working together, a hallmark of professional and personal development.

We are righteous and look to build long-term relationships, with our partners as well as within our own company.

We intend to deliver high-quality services in order to preserve our independence and ensure that our customers benefit from this independence.


Degetel Booster: tailor-made support made in Degetel


Within Degetel Group, the Start-up Booster program is available to all entrepreneurs concerned about ensuring the growth of their company, while optimizing their costs and staying in control of their own destiny.

The life of a company is not a bed of roses.

During the launch and development phases, managing growth as well as crisis situations requires
tailor-made support, and a combination of skills and experience.

The Start-up Booster program enables you to benefit from more than 15 years of service experience for companies from all sectors and from an optimal work environment.

These services are available to you in return for equity participation in your company, depending on your market value.



  • Google
  • Amazone
  • Microsoft
  • EverSaas
  • neoSesame
  • SocialShaker
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