Degetel is involved heavily in the digital transformation of the banking and finance

After the financial crisis of 2008/2009, banks have significantly tightened their credit standards.

With a leading player in the financial markets, as part of their “Liquidity” program Degetel was mandated for the establishment of a system to provide indicators and reporting for all market activities. These are intended for banking regulators as the ACP (Prudential Supervisory Authority) and the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

The provision now dimensioned to 15 employees on the job, is to provide various activities MOA Finance, application and technical architecture and to achieve a high level of development in an environment of very large volumes of data.

Three major objectives:

  1. Develop a formal reporting to the various regulators (ACP, FSA etc …);
  2. Provide the tools to effectively manage liquidity risk;
  3. Define and implement metrics in order to improve the internal management.
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